I see and make patterns and connections.

about me.

who i am

want to know how I think?

I am right-brained. I honor intuition. I automatically think outside of the box. I'm an artist. A creator. A hypno-junkie. I seek self-actualization.I am motivated by a desire to simply help other people for no particular reason.  A philanthropist. I make work about the feelings we feel.

I am left-brained. I honor logic. I am a licensed therapist. I investigate data points. I develop. I am an analyst and I see patterns.  A tech satirist.  I am an adoptee and will always ask questions. I find opportunities because I see connections.  I make work by building on evidence-based solutions.

what i do

I've been known to blur the edges of the titles I've been given and the professions I've worked in. I have learned the value of dabbling.   By dabbling in adjacent fields one can begin to see connections and the world can make more sense.

That said, I've done so many different things that I struggled with what to call myself.

One thing is certain - most of my work intercepts between data and society.

 I have arrived at a place of not needing a single definition of what it is that I do and I think (with the help of my beloved husband and children) I have finally found peace.

what i believe

I believe happiness is found in social interaction. The meaning of life is expansion and you can see this at any time by watching a child grow. I believe in stepping up and doing things that nobody else wants to do. Seek clarity. I believe the past is full of wisdom and it remains alive as part of an inescapable daily cycle.

through my eyes.